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Florida Education Fund

The Florida Education Fund (FEF) was created in 2013 to raise funds for FACC's professional education programs and protect training investments. FEF is used exclusively for the purpose of providing highly sought after facilitators and other esteemed education professionals and programs that may far exceed our association budget.

The FEF is funded through direct donations from FACC members, supporting agencies, individuals, corporations, or bequeaths and endowments similar to the IIMC Education Foundation. The intent of FEF is to "supplement" the current educational budget – not offset the current budgeted funds.

To recognize and thank our donors annually, a list of contributors will appear in the Summer Conference and Academy Program.

To submit your donation, you can pay by check (make payable to FACC) or contact FACC (facc@flcities.com or 850.222.9684) to have an invoice set-up and then you can login to the FACC portal to pay online with a credit card.

Download FEF Donation Form

NOTE: Due to FACC's IRS tax status, donations are not tax deductible. However, the benefits of the high-level education and highly sought-after trainers will far outweigh the tax benefits.


Statement of Accessibility

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