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Would you like to serve on an FACC Committee? Now is the time to sign up! FACC committees for the 2024-2025 fiscal year will be appointed by the President in June 2024.

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Sign Up Deadline: June 30, 2024



About FACC Committees


FACC currently has 16 standing committees. Committees are appointed annually by the FACC President and serve for one year, unless otherwise stipulated in the By-Laws. Each committee has its own set of duties and responsibilities which are coordinated by the Committee Chairs listed below. The Chair, at the end of his/her term, will send a document that can be edited, of both the By-Laws and manual to FACC Staff, that can then be passed on to the next Chair.

For more information on each committee, as well as a list of committee members, click on the links in the left-hand menu.

2023-2024 Committee Chairs

Awards & Scholarships
Vivian Mendez, MMC
Town Clerk, Lake Park
Email Chair Mendez

Quintella L. Moorer, MMC
City Clerk, Greenacres
Email Chair Moorer

Angie Guy, MMC
City Clerk, Dade City
Email Chair Guy

Cheryl A. Mooney, MPA, MMC
City Clerk, Temple Terrace
Email Chair Mooney

By-Laws/Manual Revisions
Vanessa Joseph, Esq, CMC
City Clerk, North Miami
Email Chair Joseph

Professional Education
Julie A. Hennessy, MMC
City Clerk, DeLand
Email Chair Hennessy

Discussion Forum
Jen Guillen, MMC
City Clerk, Hallandale Beach
Email Chair Guillen

Sandra N. McCready, MMC
Town Clerk, Surfside
Email Chair McCready

2023 Fall Academy Host
Leticia LaMagna, CMC, Co-Chair
City Clerk, Daytona Beach
Email Co-Chair LaMagna

Florida Certification Task Force
Lori McWilliams, MPA, MMC
Village Clerk, Tequesta
Email Chair McWilliams

2023 Fall Academy Host
Kathleen Rosado, MMC, FCRM, Co-Chair
Assistant City Clerk, Daytona Beach
Email Co-Chair Rosado

Silent Auction and 50-50 Drawing
Sherry D. Henderson, CMC
Town Clerk, Hillsboro Beach
Email Chair Henderson

Angie Guy, MMC
City Clerk, Dade City
Email Chair Guy

2024 Summer Conference and Academy Host
Stephanie Herdocia, CMC, Co-Chair
City Clerk, Orlando
Email Co-Chair Herdocia

Savannah Cobb, MMC
Deputy Town Clerk, Longboat Key
Email Chair Cobb

2024 Summer Conference and Academy Host
Ronisha Martin, Co-Chair
Assistant City Clerk, Winter Garden
Email Co-Chair Martin

Brittney N. SandovalSoto, MMC
Deputy City Clerk, Tampa
Email Chair Sandovalsoto

2025 IIMC Region III Conference Host
Sherry D. Henderson, CMC
Town Clerk, Hillsboro Beach
Email Chair Henderson






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