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Nominating Committee Chair Responsibilities

Letter of Support

Before accepting the position of committee chair, the member shall provide a letter of support from his or her city to the FACC president.

Committee Coordination
The chair serves as a coordinator and overseer of their committee, acting as a liaison between the committee and the Board of Directors. The chair should make sure that all committee members understand their duties and the role they play in accomplishing their goals. Shortly after appointment, the chair should begin to organize the members and establish a meeting calendar including proposed timeframes. The chair should be available to answer questions from committee and Board members during their term.

FACC Board Meetings
The chair should plan to attend all of the FACC Board meetings. If the committee chair cannot attend, the vice-chair or designee should attend. The FACC Board meetings are held during the months of October, January, April and June. Conference calls are held during other months. The committee chair should prepare an agenda item and provide it to the FACC staff prior to each FACC Board meeting for inclusion in the Board agenda packets. Agenda items are not required for conference calls, unless action is required. If there has not been any committee activity and a report is not warranted, the chair shall send an email to the FACC staff notifying them an agenda item is not being submitted.

Committee Appointments
The FACC president will send the list of appointees to the committee chair each year. The committee chair will notify the members of their appointments. The chair must document those committee members that remained active and sufficiently participated during the year. This information will be submitted to the current FACC president in April of each year. The FACC president will then forward the Certificate of Committee Accomplishment to those members who actively served.

Manual Review
The chair should review the FACC Committee Duties and Responsibilities (located on the FACC website) pertaining to their committee each year and forward inconsistencies and recommended changes to the By-Laws/Manual Revisions Committee Chair.

Additional Responsibilities from the By-Laws

The Chair is responsible for ensuring that nomination forms for election to office are provided to the membership online as a link for downloading.

The chair shall be responsible for the dissemination, collection, and safekeeping of all nomination forms. The chair shall provide by email the members of the committee copies of the applications for review. The committee chair will acknowledge receipt of all nomination forms and notify each candidate whether they meet the qualifications for office, as outlined in Article VI, Section 2 of the By-Laws.

The chair, and committee, shall assure the following information has been provided appropriately by the Candidate and/or Nominator:

1) Assure the person/candidate being nominated by someone else, acknowledges and accepts the nomination.

2) A nominee may only apply for one position per election.

3) The signature of the Candidate and/or Nominator must be a “wet signature.”

4) All nomination forms must have current back up for the appropriate election year and the letter of support from the municipality shall include the position sought and the appropriate election year within the letter.

The chair shall prepare a sample ballot and instructions for voting and forward same to the FACC staff in a timely manner so as to be distributed to the membership at least forty-five (45) days prior to the membership meeting held during the annual Summer Conference and Academy. If only one clerk qualifies for each position and each application is deemed complete by the Nominating Committee, the chair shall then notify the Executive Board that no election will be required and notify them of the new slate of officers. The chair shall then notify the candidates.




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