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By-Laws and Manual Revisions Committee Responsibilities

It shall be the duty of this committee to review the FACC By-Laws and make recommendations for changes at the annual Summer Conference and Academy every two years.

The following are specific to submitting amendments to the By-Laws:

  • Amendments to the By-Laws shall be given to the membership in written form, at least [45] days prior to the annual Summer Conference and Academy.
  • Amendments to the By-Laws are submitted via publication in Friday Emails, or by other means of notification.
  • Amendments and/or changes may be proposed, if presented in written form to all members present at the annual Summer Conference and Academy.
  • Technical corrections may be accepted by the presiding officer during discussion.

This committee also shall review and recommend updates to the Florida City Clerks Manual (annually, with a comprehensive review every five years), Policies, Goals, and the Board of Directors' and Committees' Duties and Responsibilities. However, the committee is not responsible for reviewing and updating the membership directory. The committee should work with all committees to monitor and recommend changes in procedures.

The Committee will also review annually (after Florida’s Legislative Session) the new member informational video produced as the 2023 Class Three Project. If changes are necessary to the video, the Committee will advise the Board of Directors of recommended changes and staff will facilitate changes being made. The Committee should also advise the Board if they believe the video should no longer be utilized as a resource provided to new members.

The By-Laws and Manual Revisions Committee members are appointed by the president from the general membership to a two-year term. It is recommended that this committee consist of approximately five to seven members.


Meeting Frequency
This can be a very labor intensive committee, with a lot of cross-referencing between what is actually done and what is in the current manual and by-laws. There may be some online dialogue with the actual number of in-person meetings to be determined by the changes that may need to be made and the current year committee.

In-kind time, travel and correspondence of chair and members should be incorporated into the respective city budgets.

Statement of Accessibility

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