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Clerks Assistance Program (CAP)

The CAP program consists of retired municipal clerks who provide assistance to municipalities on an interim basis, and assist them with training and sometimes are involved in the interview process to hire a new municipal clerk. This program helps municipalities who are in a transition time of hiring a municipal clerk and needing someone to fill in until they hire a permanent municipal clerk. Interested municipalities should contact FACC staff by emailing facc@flcities.com.

Also, in an effort to assist municipalities during a transition in the office of municipal clerk, the FACC has prepared the following general duties and responsibilities of the municipal clerk's office. It should be noted that as each municipality differs in size, population, organizational make-up, etc., the municipal clerk offices differ to conform to each municipality’s needs and the municipal clerk's office may be assigned more or less responsibilities than as outlined below.

General Duties/Responsibilities

  • Prepares minutes of commission/council meetings and as appropriate, other boards and committees established by a municipality.

  • Prepares and distributes agendas for the above-referenced meetings.

  • Provides for public notice of all meetings subject to the Sunshine Law and provides for legal advertising – publication and posting of notices – as necessary.

  • Maintains custody of municipal records, including ordinances, resolutions, contracts and agreements; and promulgates procedures for the orderly management, maintenance, retention and destruction of said records in accordance with state law. Serves as the state records management liaison officer.

  • Administers the publication, maintenance and distribution of the municipal code of ordinances and supplements thereto.

  • Serves as the local supervisor of elections, in conjunction and coordination with the county supervisor of elections.

  • Provides for response to public records and informational requests received from staff, other agencies and interested parties, as provided by state statute.

Additional Duties/Responsibilities
One or more of the following additional duties/responsibilities may be assigned to the office of the municipal clerk as each municipality may deem appropriate:
  • Provide support to the commission/council, including correspondence, mail, telephone calls, emails, conference registration, hotel and travel arrangements.
  • Financial disclosure coordinator.
  • Prepares proclamations and certificates of appointment and appreciation.
  • Occupational licensing.
  • Planning and coordination of special events.
  • Public information officer.
  • Finance Director.

In considering an individual to fill the position of municipal clerk, the commission/council, municipal manager or other supervisory authority may wish to consider the individual’s knowledge of the Sunshine Law, public records law, experience in Florida local government, participation in the FACC and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) and certification received from the latter through the designation of Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) and, the highest certification bestowed, Master Municipal Clerk (MMC).

Upon request, the FACC will assist municipalities by providing guidance and/or participation by one or more of its members in the municipal clerk selection process. Interested municipalities should contact facc@flcities.com.

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