Florida Association of City Clerks 

Promoting and Developing the Educational and Professional Status of Florida City Clerks

Professional Education Committee (PEC) Responsibilities

The purpose of the Professional Education Committee (PEC) is to assist the FACC Board of Directors, the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government and the IIMC in the formation of the curriculum for the Fall Academy, the FACC Summer Conference and Academy and the various FACC webinars.

  • In conjunction with the Institute of Government (IOG), formulate ideas for professional education.
  • Coordinate with district directors regarding District Trainings to ensure there is no duplication of sessions offered.
  • Work with the IOG to find and arrange for speakers on educational topics for academies and webinars.
  • Draft the Summer Conference and Academy and Fall Academy programs.
  • Obtain moderators; draft introductions, etc. for each speaker.
  • Write thank you letters to each speaker after Summer Conference and Academy and after Fall Academy.
  • Review Summer Conference and Academy and Fall Academy evaluations submitted by the attendees and submit evaluation computation to the Board of Directors.
  • Review Ideas to Action forms to ensure the transfer of curriculum knowledge has been received by participant.
  • Submit list of names to IOG of participants who correctly completed the Ideas to Action forms.
  • Prepare articles for the Friday Emails, if needed.
  • Prepare quarterly reports to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

The Professional Education Committee members are appointed by the president from the general membership and are appointed to three-year staggered terms, shall have the CMC designation and, if possible, shall be representative of each of the districts. Members shall be required to attend at least 75 percent of scheduled meetings. Before accepting a position on the PEC, the member shall provide a letter of support from his or her city to the FACC president. The president-elect will attend these meetings, be a non-voting member, and act as a liaison between the committee and the Board of Directors.

Established as needed.

Meeting Frequency
The PEC will meet at least four times a year. Communication in between is accomplished via email and conference calls.

In-kind time, travel and correspondence of chair and members should be incorporated into the respective city budgets. For information on expenses covered by FACC for the PEC Chair, please see the Travel Policy listed in the Policies Section on the FACC website.


Statement of Accessibility

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