Florida Association of City Clerks 

Promoting and Developing the Educational and Professional Status of Florida City Clerks

By-Laws and Manual Revisions Committee Timelines


  • Attend FACC annual board orientation luncheon meeting held at the end of the annual Summer Conference and Academy for incoming board members and committee chairs.

  • Prepare and submit a Friday Email article, if needed.


  • Notify committee members of appointments.

  • Obtain electronic copies of By-Laws, Policies, Goals, Board of Directors and Committee Responsibilities and Manual from FACC staff.

  • Organization meeting of committee to review goals and establish timeline.


  • Prepare and submit FACC board agenda item for October meeting.

  • Prepare and submit a Friday Email article, if needed.


  • Attend FACC Board meeting.


  • Prepare and submit FACC board agenda item for January meeting.


  • Attend FACC board meeting.


  • Request final comments from all committee chairs regarding possible changes to Manual and Committees Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Prepare and submit a Friday Email article, if needed.


  • Attend FACC board meeting.

  • Submit list of active committee members to FACC president.

  • Submit recommended revisions to Policies, Goals, Board of Directors and Committees Duties and responsibilities, new member informational video (2023 Class Three Project), and Manual to Board of Directors.

  • Submit recommended changes of By-Laws to membership (via FACC staff) at least 45 days prior to annual Summer Conference and Academy.


  • Prepare and submit agenda item, which may include bi-annual list of changes to By-Laws if not previously submitted at a prior board meeting.


  • Attend FACC final board meeting.


  • Establish goals and timelines early in order to effectively meet those deadlines.

  • Assign and distribute sections of the By-Laws, Policies, and Manual to review.

  • Forward miscellaneous recommendations to the chair for final review and distribution to committee before final approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Hold a wrap-up meeting to evaluate the accomplishments, disappointments and recommendations for changes, if any.


Statement of Accessibility

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